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The Jasmine and Central Delivery Suite
Snowdrop Appeal



About the Appeal

The Jasmine & Central Delivery Suite Snow-Drop Appeal has been set up by Greg & Jen to raise £100,000 towards setting up a new Specialist Unit or area for Bereaved Parents of Still Birth, Miscarriage and Early Baby Loss at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth which is ideally situated away from the busy maternity area hopefully easing the trauma and loss they will experience in such tragic times.

We also would like to provide specialist support for families to help them through their bereavement and loss with experienced specialised staff.

Please support us and look through our web pages. We are adding to them regularly so please keep checking back for updates and news on events.

Our Story

In the UK today, sadly 17 babies a day are still born or pass away shortly after birth. For the parents and families who experience this, there are no words that can really describe how they feel.

For months, many would have been building up expectations and dreams of how their new life will be when their baby eventually arrives. But sadly and for often no reason, those expectations and dreams are shattered when they hear those haunting words of “I am so sorry for you, but you have lost your baby”.

From that point on their lives take a totally different route, one of despair, anger, guilt, anxiety and questions to which there are no or very little answers. At the time many would not even give a thought to what might be expected in the next few days, why should they, they weren’t planning for this.

But soon, reality kicks in and most will be faced with having to deliver their baby's still born at hospital. For Greg & Jen, this is exactly what happened.

On the 29th January 2009 Jasmine Phillips was stillborn at 32 weeks old. We were in the central delivery suite at Derriford hospital in a side room, surrounded by new born babies and expectant mums.

For both Jen & Greg this was the last place they wanted to be and I am sure these feelings will echo throughout all the other mums and dads that have experienced the same.

Greg & Jen can’t change their loss, but we can and ‘will’ improve facilities for other parents and families who sadly lose their Angel Babies with this appeal.

We are working with Derriford Hospital to raise £100,000 for a Specialist Unit / Area within the main hospital building, but away from the normal delivery suites for those parents who may have to experience sadly the same losses as we did.

Having a dedicated Area / Unit away from the busy Maternity Wards will help to improve the quality of care received, the experience and more importantly the memories, that parents and families take away with them, without the ordeal of being on a busy maternity delivery ward.

Please help us achieve our goals in any way you can.

Lots of love,

Greg, Jen & the Snowdrop Team

Jasmine’s dad and mum xx